Praises Heard Around the World πŸŽΌ

I got to spend time with the disciples this weekend and it was just what my heart needed! 
Peace Corps only allows one night out a month during integration (Aug-Nov). After December I will be given more freedom (2 nights out a month + I can start to use my vacation). 

The bus from my house doesn’t leave early enough on Sunday’s (I live 3 hours away) to make it to church on time so I have to stay overnight somewhere. 

Yesterday and last month actually, I stayed overnight at a sister named Thobile’s house. Her place is so nice compared to my hut that I’m temporarily ‘camping’ out of. She has a flush toilet, cable tv, shower, stove, and refrigerator – all things I currently don’t have access to. Her home is my home away from home. β˜ΊοΈβ€‹β€‹

We meet in a house for church since there are only a few of us. I appreciate the times I am able to spend with the fellowship and I’m already looking forward to my next visit! 


Meet my “car” for the next two years. 

The kombis come in several different shapes, colors, and conditions. 

I’m a rather large girl with hips and long legs. The kombis aren’t suitable, or comfortable I should say, for people like me. I squeeze in between Gogos, shopping bags, and school kids on a regular basis. 

Another challenge I face is that kombis have a limit of 14 seats (not including the drivers). The drivers somehow manage to “fit” 3-5 more people making it impossible to breathe and sit somewhat comfortably. 

The last thing I’ll mention, is making sure you get off at the right destination by calling the drivers attention and yelling the word “stesh” (stop)! 

The Art of Washing Clothes: Swazi Edition

Washing my clothes here is quite the chore (my least favorite at that). I’ve come to realize how lazy I really am and how dependent I am of machines and gadgets doing things for me (case in point a washing machine and dryer).
Here you’ll learn (if you’re anything like me, I’m still learning) how to hand wash your clothing.

You’ll need 
+ 3 basins

+ Dirty clothes

+ Soap (the sunlight green bar brand works best)

+ Clothing line + pins 

+ Tunes 

+ Patience

Step 1

Before you get started, put a playlist together of your favorite dance songs. Trust me, music will make the process go by quicker.

Step 2

Take the first basin and fill it about halfway with water.

Step 3
Take a couple pieces of clothing then submerge clothes fully in water.

Step 4

Take the bar of soap and apply soap all over the clothing. 

Step 5

Take piece of clothing and scrub it well (to remove dirt and stains). *Warning scrubbing too hard may cause callouses and cuts so be careful.* See picture below.

Step 6

Take the 2nd basin and fill with water. After you’ve finished scrubbing, put clothing in the next basin and let them soak.

Step 7

Take the last basin and fill with water. Put clothes in there to remove the remaining residue of soap.

Step 8

Rinse as best as you can.

Step 9

Put clothing inside out and hang on clothing line.

Congratulations you’ve finished! Now wait to dry!