Meet my “car” for the next two years. 

The kombis come in several different shapes, colors, and conditions. 

I’m a rather large girl with hips and long legs. The kombis aren’t suitable, or comfortable I should say, for people like me. I squeeze in between Gogos, shopping bags, and school kids on a regular basis. 

Another challenge I face is that kombis have a limit of 14 seats (not including the drivers). The drivers somehow manage to “fit” 3-5 more people making it impossible to breathe and sit somewhat comfortably. 

The last thing I’ll mention, is making sure you get off at the right destination by calling the drivers attention and yelling the word “stesh” (stop)! 

Author: Nicole

I've decided to uproot my life and dedicate it to serving in the Peace Corps for 27 months. Yuuuuup, you read that right. God has helped me redefine limitations. A dear friend once told me that, "boxes are for shoes, you never know how great you are until you break out of the box and see what you are really made of!" This blog will chronicle my adventures as a Peace Corps Youth Development Volunteer in the Kingdom of Swaziland! You'll read about my highest of highs compounded with the lowest of lows - raw and unfiltered. Please enjoy the view. :) *The contents of this blog are mine and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.*

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