Life thru Pictures: Part 6

Umhlanga (translates to reeds): Is a tradition in Swaziland that celebrates/showcases young maidens (unmarried/childless girls and women) every year around August. 

*Pictures taken by PCV Kirby.*

1st picture: King Mswati III.

2nd picture: Reed dance.

3rd photo: PCV Alison participated in Umhlanga this year with the girls in her community. Please read her blog here to hear all about it!

Rainbow 🌈 Dash. 5k event with PCVs Kirby and Akirah. 🏃🏾‍♀️

In observance of International Day of the Girl, PCV Dawnita put together a day long Swazi GirlsBelieve conference for girls in grade 5-7 in her community. The day included a mind/body/soul & spirit activity, a panel with powerful and successful Swazi women (panel included a singer/songwriter, psychologist, and former teacher/financial professional), a photo booth, entertainment, food, HIV testing, a reusable pad making workshop, and lots of laughs and fun! Attending the event was inspiring, empowering, and motivational. #whoruntheworld 👯

3rd picture: Dawnita with Peace Corps Country Director, Glenda Green and U.S. Ambassador to Swaziland, Lisa Peterson.

📚📚📚 Thank you Books for Africa and to everyone that donated towards the project. 1,000 Books were distributed to 30 schools in Swaziland! We are extremely grateful for your sacrifice and contributions. 💜

*The high school in my community was chosen to receive books through BFA and we are so ecstatic! I will keep you all updated on the status of our library. *

Author: Nicole

I've decided to uproot my life and dedicate it to serving in the Peace Corps for 27 months. Yuuuuup, you read that right. God has helped me redefine limitations. A dear friend once told me that, "boxes are for shoes, you never know how great you are until you break out of the box and see what you are really made of!" This blog will chronicle my adventures as a Peace Corps Youth Development Volunteer in the Kingdom of Swaziland! You'll read about my highest of highs compounded with the lowest of lows - raw and unfiltered. Please enjoy the view. :) *The contents of this blog are mine and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.*

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